A living room at the bottom of a lake

The fifteenth piece for February’s Ritual Loops project.

On the 31st of January 2012, my friend, an immensely talented animator named Sophia Hanover, invited me to join her in a daily project for the month of February. We were to each make a short piece everyday, independent of each other, and put them together, hosting them online.

The parameters we set ourselves were: 1: 10 second duration. 2: Has to loop. 3: Loosely themed around the mundane rituals and feelings of everyday life. Sophia dubbed the project Ritual Loops.

On a personal level, I set myself some restrictions/parameters, including restrictions on instrumentation to keep things consistent. I chose to keep things limited to 4 parts, and selected piano, ebowed guitar, synth (in this case I’m using a MicroKorg), and beatbox percussion. Some additional fx processing/post manipulation allowed.

To see the animations that accompany these sounds go checkout: http://dailyanimation.tumblr.com/